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Course Reserves: Home


Course reserves are materials requested by professors for their courses, which are held at the library front desk for student usage. Reserves can be checked out for 2 hours at a time and require a student ID at the time of check out.

If you are a professor who would like to request materials to be placed on reserve, or a student with questions about course reserves, please contact us through email at or call us at 615-547-1299.

Spring 2021 Course Reserves

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Professor Course Title Author Call Number
Bible ANTH 210 Introducing Cultural Anthropology (5th edition) Lenkeit, Roberta 306 L56I
Bible ANTH 220 Archaeology: Down to earth Kelly, Robert L. 930.1 K29A
Bible ANTH/CRJ 328 Introduction to Forensic Anthropology (5th edition) Byers, Steven N. 599.9 B99I
Bible ANTH/CRJ 328 Human Bone Manual White, T. D. & Folkens, Pieter A. 599.94 W588 HUM
Bible GEOG 301 Contemporary Human Geography (4th edition) Rubenstein, James M. 304.2 R895 CON
Bortz HIS 111 Confessions St. Augustine 230 A92C
Bortz HIS 111 The Prince Machiavelli, Niccolo 320.1 M14P
Bortz HIS 111 Two Lives of Charlemagne Thorpe, Lewis, compiler 944.01 T51t
Bortz  HIS 112 Survival In Auschwitz Levi, Primo 940.4572 L664S
Bortz HIS 112 The Communist Manifesto Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels 335.42 M39C
Bortz HIS 112 The Portable Enlightenment Reader Kramnick, Isaac, ed. 940.25 K89P
Bortz HIS 192 Over the Edge of the World Bergreen, Laurence 910.92 B49O
Bortz HIS 192 The interesting narrative of the life of Olaudah Equiano Equiano, Olaudah 305.5 E64I
Bortz HIS 192 Requiem For Battleship Yamato Yoshida, Mitsuru 940.54 Y65R
Cheathem HIS 225 Student's Guide to Writing College Papers Turabian, Kate L. 808.06 T92S
Cheathem HIS 225 Thinking About History Maza, Sarah C. 900 M47T
Cheathem HIS 225 Methods and Skills of History Salevouris, Michael J. 907.6 S16M
Cheathem HIS 300 Dixie's Daughters: The United Daughters of the Confederacy and the preservation of Confederate culture Cox, Karen 369.17 C877 DIX
Curtis CHEM103 Chemistry: An Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry, 13th ed. Timberlake 540 T583 
Dixon BIO 100 Campbell Biology, 9th ed. Taylor, Simon, Dickey, et. al. 570 T23e 
English Comp I ENG 101 The Brief Bedford Reader Kennedy, X. J., ed. 808.04 B853 BRI
English Comp II ENG 102 They Say/I Say: The moves that matter in academic writing with readings  Graff, Gerald 808.04 G73T
Fuller MATH 098 Basic Algebra Fuller, Chris 513.1 F96B
Gertz CIW 101 Creative Writing: A workbook with readings Anderson, Linda 808.02 A54C
Gertz ENG 101 Zoli McCann, Colum 823.91 M12Z
Govan ART 390G/402 Graphic Design School Dabner, Stewart, & Vickress 741.6 D11g
Hallman SOC 221 Sociology in Our Times Kendall, Diana Elizabeth 301 K33S
Hays ENG 218 Norton Anthology of Children's Literature Zipes, Jack 820.8 N88Z
Hays ENG 218 American Born Chinese Yang, Gene Luen JUV YAN
Hays ENG 218 A Hero Ain't Nothin' but a Sandwich Childress, Alice JUV CHI
Hays ENG 216 Great Expectations Dickens, Charles 823.8 D548g
Hixson PSY 211 Experiencing the Lifespan, 5th ed. Belsky, Janet 155 B452
Inman HIS 201-OL Andrew Jackson Remini, Robert Vincent 973.56 JAC REM
Inman HIS 201-OL The Salem Witch Hunt: A brief history with documents Goodbeer, Richard 133.43 G57S
Inman HIS 201-OL Exploring American Histories: A survey with sources. Vol. I, to 1877 Hewitt, Nancy A. 970 H61E
Keener ENG 215 The Norton Introduction to Literature, Shorter 13th ed. Mays, Kelly J. 808.8 M47N
Kemp ENG 101 Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury, Ray 813.54 B798F
Kemp ENG 101 Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 Hamilton, Tim 741.59 H21R
Kill BUA 322 Strategic Hospitality Human Resources Management Dennison & Weber 647.9406 D411
Kill MGT 447 Operations Management, 13th ed. Heizer, Render, & Munson 658.5 H47o
King MKT 490 Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant  W. Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne  658.8 K49 BLU
King MKT 498N Retailing, 8th ed.  Dunne, Lusch, & Carver 658.82 D92r
Landis BUA 101 Understanding Business, 12th ed. Nickels, McHugh, & McHugh 650 N63U
Landis MBA 5273 Organizational Behavior, 18th ed. Robbins & Judge  
Mielnik HIS 202 The Woman's Hour Weiss, Elaine F. 324.62 W429 WOM
Mielnik HIS 202 March: Book One Lewis, John 328.73 L67M
Mielnik HIS 202 Reasoning with Democratic Values 2.0: Ethical Issues in American History Harris, David E. 973 H31R V.2
Redmond ENG 210 Film Studies Villarejo, Amy 791.43 V71F
Rex ENG 225 Stage Fight: How to punch your fears of public speaking in the face Smith, Cody 808.51 S64S
Rex ENG 225 Unleash the Power of Storytelling: Win hearts, change minds, get results Biesenbach, Rob 658.85 B58U
Ripski ENG 216B Reading the Bible as Literature: An introduction Crain, Jeanie C. 809.93 C88R
Ripski ENG 216B What is the Bible?: How an ancient library of poems, letters, and stories can transform the way you think and feel about everything  Bell, Rob 220.61 B43W
Ripski ENG 216B The Harper Collins Study Bible Attridge, Harold W., ed. 220.52 B582 HAR
Sager MATH 110 The Heart of Mathematics: An Invitation to Effective Thinking Burger & Starbird 510 B954
Shao MKT 441 Essentials of Marketing Research, 7th ed. Babin, Barry J. 658.83 B114
Sprouse ECON 200 PFIN7: Personal Finance Billingsley, Gitman, & Joehnk 332.0422 B598
Wiley HIS 202 Era Of Franklin D.Roosevelt Polenberg, Richard 973.917 R781P
Wiley HIS 202 The American Yawp: A Massively Collaborative Open U.S. History Textbook, Volume 2: Since 1877 Joseph L. Locke and Ben Wright, editors 973 L81A V.2
Wiley HIS 202 Out of This Furnace Bell, Thomas 813.52 B43O
Wiley HIS 202 Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and the Civil Rights Struggle of the 1950s and 1960s: A Brief History with Documents Howard-Pitney, David 323.11 H85M
Worthington PSY 101-01 What Psychology Majors Could (and Should) Be Doing: A Guide to Research Experience, Professional Skills, and Your Options After College Silvia, Paul J. 150.72 S587 WHA
Worthington PSY 101-01 Psychology and the Real World: Essays Illustrating Fundamental Contributions to Society, 2nd ed. Morton Ann Gernsbacher and James R. Pomerantz, editors 150 P97
Worthington PSY 201 Psychology in Modules Myers, David G. & DeWall, C. Nathan 150 M99P
Worthington PSY 300 Social Psychology, 13th ed. Myers & Twenge 302 M99S
Worthington PSY 321 Introduction to Counseling Kottler, Jeffrey A. 361.06 K87I
Worthington PSY 420 Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology (9th edition) Comer, Ronald J. & Comer, Jonathan S. 616.89 C732F