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Test Proctoring Policy

The Doris & Harry Vise Library of Cumberland University provides test proctoring to Cumberland University students. A minimum of forty-eight (48) hours advance notice is required before any test will be proctored.

The library offers proctoring for written (open or closed book), emailed, or online exams. The library will not administer national standardized tests such as the GED.

Students must schedule a time and date that is convenient for the proctor. Exams will be administered during the library's operating hours on Monday through Friday. The test must be completed 30 minutes before the library closes. Appointments can be made in person, by phone (615-547-1299) or e-mail (

The student must arrive at the appointment time.  The student is responsible for notifying the proctor as soon as possible if they cannot make the appointment. The library reserves the right to cancel or change the date or time of any proctor test due to inclement weather, computer malfunctions, etc.  The test will be rescheduled.

All test requirements and instructions must be received before any tests are taken. The student is responsible for ensuring that the examination and other required materials are sent to the proctor. The proctor must be informed who is taking the exam, what course the exam is for, and who the instructor of the course is.

The proctor will provide scratch paper and a pencil. The student is responsible for informing their instructor that they are completing the proctored exam in the library and ensuring that a copy of the exam is sent to the library prior to the scheduled appointment, if applicable. Proctors will enforce any time limits that are placed on the exam, as well as other rules set forth in the exam materials. The use of cell phones or visiting with others during the testing period will not be allowed.


For non-Cumberland University students, proctoring may be available upon request and must be scheduled a minimum of ten (10) days in advance of the exam.  At the time of testing, the student must provide current photo identification and the name on the identification must match the name on the testing materials. The proctor will not enter any personal information on the proctoring material, including but not limited to Social Security number, driver's license, home phone number, home address, etc.

Library computer settings will not be modified to accommodate an online test. The library will provide a computer that has Microsoft Word and Internet access. Installation on a library computer of any special software that may be needed to complete the exam will not be allowed. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the computing resources are adequate for their testing purposes.

At the conclusion of the exam, the proctor will return the exam to the testing institution via the U.S. Postal Service, fax, or as a scanned e-mail attachment. The library will not arrange for UPS or FedEx pickup.

The library does not assume responsibility for completed tests that are not received by the testing institution. The student must contact the institution to determine if the completed test was received. The library is not responsible for the content of exams that are sent to the proctor, or for completed tests once they have been mailed.