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FSL: Resources from Library Sessions

Resources for the Foundations of Scholarship and Learning (FSL) class

Library Resources

Steps of the Research Process

1. Formulate your question or topic
2. Gather background information
3. Consider your resource options
4. Develop a search strategy using keywords and Boolean operators
5. Locate materials
6. Refine or adjust search depending on findings
7. Analyze materials
8. Organize and write
9. Cite!

Popular vs. Scholarly Chart

Ask Yourself: Popular Scholarly
Who is the author?
A writer, journalist, editor
A professor, scholar, expert of the specific topic
Who is the intended
The general public Other scholars, researchers in the field, students studying that topic
What is the purpose of the
To inform or entertain To report original research, experiments, theories
Does the author cite sources?

Sometimes, usually not Yes. Always. Lots of them.
What is the appearance?
Colorful, glossy, heavy graphics and advertisements Plain cover, plain paper, minimal graphics or advertisements
Examples: TIME, Newsweek,
Psychology Today
Harvard Educational Review, Journal  of Applied Physics

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