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Vise Library Policies

Mission and Vision Statements

Computer Use Policy

Patrons are expected to abide by all university computing policies posted at the library's computer workstations. Failure to do so can result in suspension of computer privileges. The primary purpose of the library computers is to provide students with access to the library's databases. Therefore, students doing research take precedence over students using the Internet for entertainment.


There are two photocopiers/printers in the library copier room. Students are given 500 free copies per semester, after which each copy deducts 10¢ from your student account. The copier machines do not accept coins. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask at the reference desk.

Cell Phones

Please set your cell phones and other communication devices to vibrate or silent. You may take or place calls in any available room near you. Please do not have phone conversations anywhere out on the main floor.


Please use headphones when you will be using the computers to play audio files. We have sets you may borrow at the front desk by presenting your CU student ID.

Food, Drink, and Tobacco

It is fine to bring a drink in a closed container or a small snack into the library as long as you dispose of your trash and clean up afterward. Full meals, take-out orders, pizza delivery, etc. are not allowed. Tobacco in ANY form is not permitted.