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Reference: Sciences & Mathematics

A guide to the Vise Library's print reference book collection.


The Sciences and Mathematics section includes Reference Books regarding:

A. Natural History;

B. Mathematics;

C. Chemistry;

D. Arithmetic;

E. Geology, Hydrology, & Meteorology;

F. Fossils and Prehistoric Life;

G. Biology;

H. Physiology;

I. Biochemistry;

J. Genetics and Evolution; 

K. Plants and Flowers;

L. Animals;

M. Arthropoda;

N. Cold-Blooded Vertebrates;

O. Birds; and

 P. Mammalia.   

A. Natural History

B. Mathematics

C. Chemistry

D. Arithmetic

E. Geology, Hydrology, and Meteorology

F. Fossils and Prehistoric Life

G. Biology

H. Physiology and Related Subjects

I. Biochemistry

J. Genetics and Evolution

K. Plants and Flowers

L. Animals

M. Anthropoda

N. Cold-Blooded Vertebrates

O. Birds

P. Mammalia