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Reference: History, Geography, & Biography

A guide to the Vise Library's print reference book collection.


The History, Geography, and Biography section contains Reference Books concerning:

A. Education and Research;

B. World History;

      B1. Historical Geography;

C. Geography and Travel; 

D. Biography;

E. Ancient History;

     E1. Greece and Italy;

F. Europe;

     F1. Spain;

G. Russia;

H. Asia;

I. North America;  

    I1. The United States;

          I1a. African-American History;

          I1b. The Civil War;

          I1c.  The Cold War; and

          I1d. The Southeastern United States.



A. Education and Research

B. World History

B1. Historical Geography

C. Geography & Travel

D. Biography

E. Ancient History

E1. Greece and Italy

F. Europe

F1. Spain

G. Russia

H. Asia

I. North America

I1. The United States

I1a. African-American History

I1b. The Civil War

I1c. The Cold War

I1d. Southeastern United States